Waterloo Virtual Open House

Get a taste of life at Waterloo School

Welcome to our virtual open house!

We created this virtual open house so families could explore Waterloo back during the pandemic. Now, it still serves as a great way to explore Waterloo "on-demand." Feel free to reach out if you have questions along the way, and make sure to schedule your in-person visit when you're done!


Why did we create Waterloo?

Craig Doerksen, Founder and Director describes why we developed Waterloo and what is Waterloo all about.

What is the schedule like?

Our unique schedule is growth-focused and designed for depth.

How does Waterloo prepare students for college?

Understand how Waterloo weaves the learning process into the college application process.

How does Waterloo bring real-world applications to the student experience?

Through internships with professionals and mentors in our city to bringing a product to market in our business class, Waterloo students experience what it is like to learn and apply their understanding in the real world.

What is project-based learning?

At Waterloo, we realize students learn best by doing, digging into their interests, and applying what they learn to something relevant in their lives. Presenting their work to an audience solidifies their understanding and builds numerous communication skills.

How does Waterloo approach technology?

We understand that technology is essential in our lives, so we create a culture in our school to use technology as a tool.

Does Waterloo have AP courses?

While we don’t offer formal AP courses, our students are equipped to take AP exams and earn college credit.

Next steps

Click the links below to meet with a teacher, schedule a visit, or attend a student experience day. We can't wait to get to know you!

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