STEM at Waterloo

Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through Project-Based Learning

Waterloo is a great place to explore and learn through STEM school projects. Our schedule has 2.5-hour blocks of time in part because real science, engineering, and investigation take time. We help you go deep in your STEM education, pursuing your unique interests, questions, and skill-building in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Have the time to focus, experiment, and practice your STEM skills and learning

Acquire, develop, and demonstrate skills through projects and experiments

Learn from incredible faculty and learn how to connect with local STEM experts

UT Engineering

Take a University of Texas engineering course (ES301) at Waterloo! Engineering Your World: Engineering Design and Analysis develops engineering skills and knowledge while awarding 3.0 credits from UT. Experience how project-based learning happens at the college level in this dual-enrollment course created and graded by UT professors and taught here by Waterloo faculty.

Understand what it’s like to think and work like an engineer while using problem-solving skills to address authentic engineering challenges. Through collaborative efforts with classmates, you’ll design, practice, and apply skills used in mechanical, structural, chemical, civil, and aerospace engineering. Each design challenge takes students through the engineering design process, data-driven decision making, and ultimately programming and systems design for complex solutions.

This course is ideal for students with a problem-solving-design mindset. Students wanting to pursue a STEM-based degree develop critical research and design skills, sharpen their technical writing ability, and importantly, receive the benefit of quality feedback and guidance from UT Engineering professors.


Molecular Biology

Close the textbooks about advanced molecular biology and get your hands on advanced technology to learn cloning techniques, forensic DNA analysis, and CRISPR gene editing.

Our world is becoming more and more familiar with the concepts and techniques embedded in molecular biology. PCR anyone? Waterloo realizes how important it is to go beyond the textbook comprehension of these concepts and gives you the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding and practice of molecular biology in our lab furnished with advanced molecular biology tools and equipment.

Students become proficient in their use of molecular biology equipment and techniques in order to conduct investigations and experiments that include

  • forensic DNA isolation and analysis
  • primer design and PCR
  • bacterial cloning
  • protein expression and isolation
  • CRISPR gene editing
  • and more!

Science Fair

Compete with the best science students in the state of Texas. Learn how to design, construct, and perform experiments to be presented at the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair. In 2022, Waterloo students received recognitions and awards at regionals. 1st place regional award winner sophomore Elizabeth Evertson continued to win the blue ribbon (1st place!) in Mechanical Engineering at the State Science Fair at A&M University.

Will you be next?

Elizabeth Evertson Science Fair State SQUARE


Use the design lab to fabricate prototypes along the way of learning — or final products for presentation, science fair exhibits, sales, productions, and more.

  • Woodworking
  • 3D printing
  • Laser cutting and etching
  • Painting and drawing
  • Mixed media creations

Learning how to make great things is a combination of motivation, skills, mindset, and practice. Students practice the full six-step design process as developed at Stanford — and the d.lab gives them the tools and space to do so.

What will you build?

Have STEM-related dreams, plans, and ambitions?

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