Junior and Senior Year Internships

Learn how to contribute value while gaining valuable work and life experience and mentorship.

Let's face it, internships can be a fancy term for a job shadowing exercise on the part of a business—OR it can be a challenging experience providing real value to a business—learning a ton in the process.

Internships are one of the ways that we help Waterloo students engage with the real world beyond high school and build growth-focused relationships with men and women in Austin. Every Waterloo student will complete at least one internship during their career at Waterloo. Built into the internship experience at Waterloo is constructive employer feedback, guided growth-focused reflection, and interpersonal and occupational skill-building to prepare students for future careers.

We will guide students to match them with internship opportunities that help them identify and develop their career interests and personal strengths. They will have a range of opportunities with businesses and non-profits throughout Austin including Dell Medical School, Mount Nebo Austin, Steinman Leuvano Structures, and the Jourdan Bachman Pioneer Farms. The range of internships is limited only by the diversity of students at Waterloo.

In a typical high school, one of the challenges to student internships is fitting them into a normal school day. With our more learning-centered schedule that leaves Fridays open for different student needs, which change as a student progresses through high school, we provide students with the time they need to work and learn.


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