Portrait of a Waterloo Graduate

We focus on helping each student grow academically, spiritually and vocationally.

What are the areas of growth we aim to develop in our students?

Because our mission is not merely academic, but also personal, we strive to graduate young adults who are ready for college and life because they have grown in maturity, skills, and relationships. Below is a living description of the three spheres—Academic, Personal, Productive— in which we measure growth.

In addition to course grades, we provide each student with feedback in these areas because the whole person matters: as we draw attention to the things beyond academic grades that are important, students will value them as well. It is important to remember that every person can always grow in every one of these areas.

Of course these are the core proficiencies we seek to develop in every graduate. In addition, we support students developing greater proficiencies and strengths in the areas of their gifting and interest, and ensure that colleges are able to see their development, strengths, and accomplishments in their academic record and project portfolio.

It is a simple statement and list of desired outcomes for every graduate from a school. Everything a school does should contribute to a student’s potential to embody the portrait of the graduate at that school.



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