Giving to Waterloo

Your Gift Helps Waterloo Move Forward to Support Student Growth.

Support Student Growth!

Every gift helps to support and advance Waterloo's unique, student-growth-focused education.

Your support is key to our mission of helping each student find their unique value and talents in Christ.  Together we can build a school our kids need and deserve.

We’re investing in people

Waterloo's  development is about more than raising money — it's about making a real impact. But how do we do that?

As we gather and listen to what is on our families' hearts, we have seen an overwhelmingly common concern shared by so many:

The best way to have a lasting influence on quality education is to invest in the teachers who deliver it.

So our development priority is investing in our faculty: supporting our current faculty and recruiting and hiring new faculty for the continued growth and excellence of the school.

Meet Waterloo's 2023-2024 faculty!

We’re investing in our kids’ futures

Ultimately, investing in teachers means investing in our kids' futures. When they leave school and enter the real world, they should be able to say, “this looks familiar; we practiced for this.”

Your support will also equip our teachers with labs, equipment, and spaces to provide real-world skills and experiences for our students.