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Begin earning college credits while you are completing high school.

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It has become important for students to have the opportunity to earn some college credit while still in high school. It is helpful both toward saving money on college tuition, and to demonstrate to admissions offices a commitment and ability to graduate.

Waterloo students have two different routes for earning college credit—AP Test scores and dual enrollment/dual credit courses:

AP Test Scores. While our courses will not be official AP courses because of the constraints they place on curriculum and time, our team has broad experience preparing students to get credit-earning AP scores on a wide range of subjects, and our schedule allows students to build in focused preparation time before the tests in the spring that more conventional schedules do not allow.

Dual Enrollment. We will offer a number of Dual Enrollment classes through the University of Texas, including Engineering, Chemistry, and Rhetoric. The offerings will continue to increase over time. These courses are taught by our teachers at Waterloo for high school credit, and graded by UT professors for University of Texas college credit.

Waterloo students can take other courses at community colleges or through other college credit-granting institutions when those programs support their individual pursuits and interests.

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