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At Waterloo you don’t have to question whether the teachers stand behind what they teach or if they care for the students. It’s obvious!

Jacklyn, parent of a Waterloo Sophomore

How do students best learn, really?

Our academic content is organized around the core disciplines that prepare students for college—Math, Science, English, and History. Our academic program is organized around 3 priorities: 1. Draw out each student’s interests and strengths. 2. Get kids out of the classroom and into Austin.3. Give students time and space for depth and healthy relationships.

Students will learn, through hands-on activities and discussion, the connections between subjects and between their schoolwork and the world. All courses, while focusing on distinct fields of academic study, are also interdisciplinary and culminate in student-designed projects that present original work to the public. Through their projects, students have the potential to meet standards in other subjects and earn additional elective credit.

Humanities — Humanities courses are interdisciplinary and center on traditional content and time-honored questions. Through classic and contemporary readings, discussion, and hands-on exploration of history and literature, students will come to understand how their world came to be and what contributions they can make to it.

Science— STEM-focused, lab-based courses offer students the opportunity to explore the natural world and establish a firm foundation in the sciences. Dual-credit options allow students to earn college credit while still in high school.

Mathematics— We offer traditional math courses, as well as the resources and instruction necessary to master a problem-based approach to understanding. Our problem-based curriculum draws on The Art of Problem Solving, a highly recognized program that provides students with a deeper application of math at specific levels.

Foreign Language— We award students credit for Spanish foreign language following the ACTFL World Readiness standards. We offer a unique summertime intensive Spanish-immersion program, which provides students with the potential to earn up to two credits, depending on their demonstrated proficiency at the end of the course. We also accept credit for language courses taken elsewhere, such as at ACC and other accredited online or in person programs.

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