Covid-19 Plan

Our Response to Covid-19

We are committed to returning to in-person instruction safely. The plan below outlines our protocol should the Covid situation require adjustment to in-person learning. In all our decisions, we are drawing on the principles of our model and applying it to this unique, quickly-changing circumstance.

The name of our return-to-campus plan is Future-Ready Now. Being adaptive to change in a positive way is essential for future-readiness, so we think it makes sense to be schooling that way now. Therefore are doing the following:

1. Whether Remote, In-Person, or Responsive, providing personal, project-based, and portfolio-building. The world is never closed to learning.

2. Building into the Responsive plan the ability to adapt to unforeseeable individual and community circumstances and developments. Each person is unique. Each moment is unique. Support each student and his or her growth, no matter what.

3. Being prepared with an in-person plan that can adapt to both community health-related disruptions and individual personal health needs that prevent one of our students from full participation, when our local health conditions warrant it.


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