Student Clubs

Growing our craft, culture, and community at Waterloo!


Chess and Table Tennis Club

Waterloo's Chess and Table Tennis club meets once a week in the Youth Room for games and tournaments.

Advisor: Mr. Vanderpuye

Hand-Crafting Club

Hand-crafting club encourages us to slow down and create something intentional and beautiful. This club makes embroidery art, hand-dipped candles, miniature hand-sewing projects, and more. At the end of a busy school week, this club provides a welcome time to try new things, chat with co-creators, and learn beautiful traditional crafts.

Advisor: Mrs. Kubitz


Kitchen Club

Kitchen club is all about learning and practicing the skills that can make you a proficient cook, baker, and host. Throughout the year, they design a cookbook of appetizers, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts. Each recipe highlights different skills, techniques, and serving styles that will build confidence in the art of cooking and unleash your creativity!

Advisor: Dr. Swan

Laser and 3D Printing Club

It’s the perfect blend of practicality and creativity! This club uses the resources in Waterloo's "D-Lab" to create projects to utilize students' unique artistic flare, including the Laser Burner/Cutter and the 3D Printer. Get ready to create!

Advisor: Ms. Meyrick-Long


Maker Club

Maker Club introduces students to wood working basics, including types of wood, hand tools, and power tools! They put their skills to work to make things like loudspeakers, hooks and racks, storage bins, furniture, and more!

Advisor: Mr. Doerksen

Rock Climbing Club

Every Friday (and sometimes outside of that time) the Climbing Club hops on the bus to head down to Crux Climbing Gym just off of South Congress. It's open to both beginners and veteran climbers, building a community around an activity we love!

Advisor: Mr. Reece

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Yearbook Club

In the Grackle yearbook, students capture the laughter, friendship, and growth that characterized our time together. From clubs, the house system, cross-country, tennis, basketball, science fair, track and field to mock trial, and more, every moment has been a part of our shared story!

Throughout the year, students compile these pages to revisit the projects that became cherished memories, the victories and highlights as well as calmer moments of daily work and learning. Each photo offers a glimpse into our collective stories and our shared story as a school community.

Advisor: Mr. Carlisle

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