Waterloo School Board of Directors

Blake Mosher, Chair

Combining passion for business, education, and board excellence, Blake Mosher is Board Chair of Waterloo. In the late 1990’s,  Blake co-founded and served as CEO of a computer accessories company servicing Dell Computers (globally) and others with laptop carrying cases. Blake has been instrumental in research grants from Ford Motor Company and National Science Foundation (agricultural waste, nano materials) and successfully implemented the first coconut-based automotive parts in North American vehicles winning a supplier award from Ford. Blake enjoys working with Lazarus Brewing, Crate Systems, Essentium 3D, and Waterloo School. Blake and Melanie have five children: Elaina is a Junior at Carnegie Mellon, Courtney is a Freshman at Berry College, Andrea (11th) attends Waterloo, Trent (8th) attends Stanford Online High School, and Julie (6th), an independent learner, takes classes from Royal Fireworks, Northwestern CTD, and the Art of Problem Solving.

Janet Mountain

Janet is the Executive Director of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, leading the foundation’s efforts to transform the lives of children living in urban poverty around the world through better health and education. She drives strategic priorities and oversees all areas of the foundation’s investments in the United States, India and South Africa. Before joining the foundation in 2003, Janet was an executive at Dell Inc., where she led various Dell business units as vice president and general manager. Janet has a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Prior to serving as a Waterloo School trustee, Janet served on the board of Regents School of Austin. Janet and her husband Rocky have three children: Carolina, a junior at the University of Texas; Jackson, a freshman at the University of Texas; and Bryce, a junior at Regents School of Austin. (Janet’s professional bio courtesy of the Dell Foundation)

Karen Friesen

Karen was born and raised in the UK and moved with her family to the US right before her senior year in high school. She has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Religion from the College of William and Mary and was a systems consultant for Andersen Consulting (Accenture) throughout the US for the next several years, which brought her to Austin. Throughout her time in Austin, she has been extensively involved with her church, first Austin Oaks and now at Christ Church, where she has designed, trained, and led multiple ministry volunteer groups including women's, singles, small group, and welcome ministries. Karen sits on the IF: Gathering board of directors and has served as an intern mentor. Karen and her husband Scott have three children— in 5th, 6th and 12th grades, and in private, public and homeschool—which gives her a broad view of and extensive experience with different educational and institutional forms.

Craig Doerksen

Prior to founding Waterloo School and leading its team, Craig led the School of Rhetoric at Regents School of Austin for eleven years. He co-founded the Bluetower Arts Foundation in Eugene, OR, taught and served as Upper School Head of Trinity School in Raleigh, NC, established the food service at Young Life’s Washington Family Ranch, built a Young Life ministry in partnership with Bethesda Lutheran Church, in Eugene, OR, taught public school English in Los Angeles, and cooked at Young Life’s Malibu Club in British Columbia for five years. Craig holds a master’s degree in English from the University of Ireland and graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in English. Craig serves on the Board of Directors for BlueTower and Gutenberg College. Craig and his wife Dana are members of Christ Church of Austin and are actively involved in prayer ministry and pre-marital counseling.

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