I used to think…

August 8, 2019 | Craig Doerksen

“I used to think…”

“I used to think…” It is such a great way to be able to start a sentence, isn’t it?

To start a sentence that way requires change and growth. It implies learning new things and letting go of perspectives. I used to think it meant admitting I was wrong, which, in a way it does. But the spirit of “I used to think…” is not about right answers and wrong answers. It’s about growth, discovery, and learning. Sounds like a great sentence about a school, doesn’t it?

If it sounds a little familiar to you, it is because Bob Goff uses it to start each chapter of one of his books. And what follows are tales of growth, discovery, adventure—and a gentle invitation to approach life and people and God a little differently. We have a few tables left for our Waterloo Launch with Bob Goff on September 14th . Click here to reserve a table or for more information to hear Bob share what “he used to think”.

If I am talking about Waterloo, my story might begin, “I used to think that ‘school’ had to look pretty much the same for every kid and that we have to accept some of the inefficiencies of the school day because that’s ‘just what school is.’ Now I know that school can be designed for each student to help them discover their unique identity, abilities, strengths, and potential, and that we can fit into a school day many of the additional things kids now need to do to be ready for college and life.

Waterloo invites students into the city as a classroom of possibility, growth, and discovery—no matter who you are.

The first day of school is in four weeks! A few details:

Last week we met our goal of 25 students—and we aren’t done enrolling students! We have both space and financial grants to help more students join the first class. Spread the word!
The classrooms are being prepared. Having a classroom with a door opening on to South Congress is going to be quite an opportunity!

Our orientation week is going to be all Waterloo— filled with learning and unlearning, discovery and challenge, laughter and solitude…and sometimes we’ll be in a classroom.

We received our 501(c)(3) status from the IRS after a government-shutdown drawn out application process. All gifts to Waterloo are tax-deductible—charitable gifts are what makes launching Waterloo possible!

I used to think… What do you think school has to look like? Open to discovering something better?

Craig Doerksen

Craig Doerksen

Prior to becoming the director of Waterloo School, Craig provided leadership for a number of prominent institutions, including Regents School of Austin; the Bluetower Arts Foundation in Eugene, OR; and Trinity School in Raleigh, NC. Craig holds a master’s degree in English from the University of Ireland and graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in English.