Learn about Waterloo from the PARENTS! (VIDEO)

Are you curious about joining the Waterloo community? We invited several Waterloo families to share their stories with you!

It can be daunting for parents and students to start a new school, especially one as unique as Waterloo. With a wide range of backgrounds, student personalities, and family needs, these testimonials provide encouragement for anyone who may be interested in Waterloo.

The Gonzales, Proger, and Mosher families each have a unique educational past (from school in Africa to homeschooling), but there is one thing each story has in common: curiosity about Waterloo’s nontraditional format. These high schoolers all had unique needs, and Waterloo was the perfect place to address their needs and nurture their interests…

Waterloo is fundamentally rooted in healthy relationships, helping students like Asher build strong friendships with peers and mentorships with his teachers.

The project-based learning method allowed students like Sophia to discern subjects that inspire her and influence her collegiate journey.

Its unique schedule and flexibility allowed student-athlete Andrea to pursue her extracurricular career and go on to sign on to the Air Force Academy Soccer Team.

All the parents agree that Waterloo has provided a unique place for their students to thrive.

“What we’re trying to say is that in a small way, Waterloo is possibly the best school in the world.”

Mark Proger

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