Bring a Friend to Waterloo on April 9!

March 25, 2021 | Waterloo School

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Remember the first time you visited Waterloo?  We sure do!  Perhaps you joined us for an Experience Day or maybe you were one of our first-year pioneering students and joined not even having the chance to see the school officially in action yet?  We know that your visit was a huge part of your high school decision process, which is why we want you to invite any friends that may be interested in exploring Waterloo for high school as well!

Our best way to get new students to Waterloo is through students.

Friday, April 9th is our very first Bring a Friend Day!  As you know, our Fridays are different and designed for you to dive into your interests.  The goal of this special Friday morning is to create an engaging Waterloo experience for your friends that may be interested in applying to Waterloo next year.  From 9am-12:30pm we’ll have a morning filled with student-led activities that will give your friends a chance to get to know our amazing student body and faculty.  And, to end their visit right, we’ll have a pizza lunch on the lawn.

Bring a Friend to Waterloo Day!
Friday, April 9 (9am-12:30pm)

Parents, we know this was a huge decision to process alongside your child when you applied.  As you can imagine, our visiting parents are going through the same decision process and I know they can benefit from meeting you!  If you are able to join us the morning of April 9th, we would love that!  We’ll have a parent coffee, which will give our visiting parents a chance to get to know you and ask questions.  We’ll follow that time with a tour of the campus and meeting with faculty.

Students and parents, knowing what you know now, what would have been something you would have liked to have seen or done during your first visit?  If you have some creative ideas or suggestions, please let Dr. Swan know.  Our club presidents are also working on some excellent activities to share with our visiting students and Amy Ponder (mom to Elise and Lincoln) is helping organize the parent meeting.

Have a friend (or two) in mind that you would like to bring?  Send this sign-up link to them and they will be good to go!

Thank you again for being such a wonderful community to welcome friends.  I’m excited more people will get to know you and Waterloo!

~The Waterloo Team

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