Big Cheesy Fest 2023

On Thursday, November 9th, we hosted our Annual “Gala” AKA – The Big Cheesy Fest!

Our students provided dinner, entertainment and more to kick-off our Fall annual giving campaign.

We’re just getting started

“Five years ago, we were in this very room launching Waterloo,” Bryce Carlisle remarked from the stage.

Despite the success over the last five years, Director Craig Doerksen said nobody is merely settling in: “Part of what it means to be human; part of what it means to flourish is to keep growing.”

Waterloo is still growing. It still seeks to help our students grow in ways that make sense, in ways that they need, in ways that our world needs from them.

That’s what we’re about, and that’s what we invite you to be a part of.

Waterloo’s founding faculty members (left to right): Craig Doerksen, Dr. Christina Swan, Dr. Carol Blosser, and Bryce Carlisle.

Support growth at Waterloo

What does growth look like? For us, it includes a few tangible next steps:

  • Building a new physics lab
  • Continuing to grow our sports program
  • Improving building security and IT infrastructure
  • Providing scholarships for current and future students
  • Supporting teachers (as they support our students!)

Giving to Waterloo is an investment in much needed innovation in high school that roots learning in real-world engagement, personal mentorship, skill-building, and helping young people mature into adulthood. Gifts allow us to develop our programs, invest in our teachers, and offer need-based scholarships to students who deserve a great education.

Visit to make a difference in the future of education—and the lives of amazing students.

Waterloo’s students were a central part of the evening, providing dinner and entertainment for all!
Waterloo School

Waterloo School