2021 Spring Showcase

May 1, 2021 | Waterloo School

Spring Showcase

Roll out the red carpet! It’s showtime and all the Waterloo students are ready to show off the hard work they have done in their projects.  We are so grateful that we were able to have our first in-person student showcase since the Winter term of 2019-2020!  Follow each class’s link below you will find collections of students’ work.

American Literature

In American Literature, we read both classic and contemporary American novels, stories, and poems to answer the question: what is the American story?–a very relevant question in our politically and culturally divided times. In the process we learned that there are many American stories, so we wrote and produced a short film.  Click below to see all the amazing work these students did!

Home and Away

In Home and Away we explored what it means to be home and how we change and grow when we journey away. We read literature from all kinds of cultures and time periods ancient to modern: Homer’s Odyssey, The 1001 Nights, the biblical book of Esther, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and even C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Since most of these works have roots in oral story-telling, for the final project students created an audiobook style rendition of a selection from our readings.

Spanish 1

This Spring Spanish 1 students dove into elementary Spanish grammar and vocabulary and focused their project on the Spanish they need to use in order to buy food and order at a restaurant.  We kept our focus on food for the final project. Students researched and learned how to prepare Cuban food and hosted a meal for the church staff and the new pastor and his lovely family who are from Cuba! Check out the link to see pictures and listen to students describe their experience in Spanish!

Spanish 2

Second year Spanish students covered the main past tenses and vocabulary useful for narrating and explaining historic events. Students carried these skills into independent research projects learning about an event or person from history in a part of the Spanish -speaking world that was of special interest to them.  Follow the link to discover what students learned and to hear them read their reports in Spanish!


Welcome to Waterloo’s Test Kitchen – a project designed to not only understand and practice the methodology of science, but to also use our knowledge of chemistry to make some wonderful food.  Our class has thoroughly experimented and analyzed what works best for their specific recipe, all of which you can read about in The Waterloo Test Kitchen Cookbook, a collection of 11 delicious recipes perfected using chemistry. Bon appetit y’all!

Spanish 3 & 4

In addition to reviewing key grammar and vocabulary and reading Spanish plays and short stories, Elise Ponder and Olivia Reeser, together with Jack Crabb, went to McAllen Texas to serve at a border mission.  Click below to see their full trailer, full video project with footage from their trip, and read their reflections about the trip!

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