2021 Fall Showcase: Law and Government (VIDEO)

In Law & Government, students learn to argue — the productive way. During the first portion of this class we practiced good argumentation and persuasion, then spent some time learning about the U.S. judicial system. All this knowledge and practice prepared these students to become the inaugural Waterloo Mock Trial Team!

Although the class is ending, we’re not done yet. The team will continue to prepare for regional competitions in January, and we could even make it to State competition in March! Showcase attendees got to witness a shortened (and slightly dramatized) sample of our case, but this barely scratched the surface of all the ways these students have grown into a thoughtful, clever, eloquent, collaborative, and incredibly hardworking team.

Check out this video to hear more directly from the Law and Government students about their experience with this project!


If you (or someone you know) would like to learn more about Waterloo, join us on South Congress for a Student Experience Day on January 12th. Through a “day in the life” your student will experience project-based learning in action right here in the school! (Click here to register).

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