2021 Fall Showcase: Data Science Project (VIDEO)

Whether you’re creating it or using it, data surrounds our everyday lives. How can data be analyzed to tell a story? How can we use data to form a prediction or describe patterns? How can we make sure a data set is valid and does not display bias?

Our data science students addressed these essential questions by completing a series of projects using the data science design process: ask questions, gather and organize data, model, analyze and synthesize, and finally (after revisions) communicate data. Their results are impressive, beautiful, and include a wide variety of topics from data postcards, to business re-ports, to full-scale data visualization reports.

Check out this video to hear more directly from the data science students about their experience with this project!


If you (or someone you know) would like to learn more about Waterloo, join us on South Congress for a Student Experience Day on December 1. Through a “day in the life” your student will experience project-based learning in action right here in the school! (Click here to register).

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Waterloo School