2020 Spring Showcase

May 1, 2020 | Waterloo School

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What do we study during a historical pandemic? We look at the old questions, and find new relevance. Spring Term 2020 was like nothing we had planned even just two weeks before it began.  Yet the world is always open for learning, even now.

There is a lot that is broken in our world—we need to study it. There is a lot of cause for hope in the world—we need to know it. There is a lot we can do in the world—we need to do it.

Advanced Biology


Our Advanced Biology students research and applied their knowledge of Biology to better understand the COVID19 pandemic.  How can our understanding of psychology, nutrition, virology, and genetics reveal how to live well and with awareness during this season?  Each student created a website with podcasts, videos, information, or interactive applications  to bring you into the question they were seeking to answer. 

Caroline Carter Which Big-name Virus Are You? and Choose Your Own Adventure: Viral Pandemic

Andrea Mosher Reset Mindset: Simple lessons to change your mindset

Reilly Noell Disparate and Discriminant: The Impact of COVID-19 on African Americans 

Samantha Shortt The War Within: The role of gluten in our overall health

Spanish 1


Students began their adventure learning Spanish in a difficult situation. But the challenges of Covid-19 inspired us to find creative uses of many tools and resources available online. Spanish 1 aims at introducing the basics of Spanish in real-world situations and conversations. Students learn how to order food, useful vocabulary for shopping, talking about sports and hobbies. To reflect this emphasis, Spanish 1 student videos are about students’ selection of an aspect of Spanish-speaking culture in which they could expand their knowledge and share it publicly through their video. ¡Esperamos que a ustedes les gusten los videos!

Juliana Casillas Cuban Cuisine

Diego Fernandez Family Paella

Sophia Delgado Spanish Art

Ella Lovins How to Draw Frida Kahlo

Jackson Bonnett How to Make Chimichurri

Asher Proeger Everything You Need to Know About Tacos

Eden Riffee The Art of Guatemala

Samantha Shortt Venezuela’s Crisis

Hailey Daspit Costa Rican Food

Gabe Gomez Soccer History in Spain

Frederic Christiano All About Churros

Yassiel Northcutt Lionel Messi

Henry Smith Tex Mex Food

Justice and Mercy

This term, our Justice and Mercy students dove into the topic of justice and discovered why we all need mercy. We learned more about some of the challenges facing our neighbors, our community, and our world. Students explored issues that they are passionate about and used their voices and the craft of storytelling to help bring justice to the oppressed.
In this class we asked this driving question: what is justice, and how can we use the craft of storytelling to pursue justice for members of our community?

Jackson Bonnett A Nearly Broken System

Juliana Casillas Restoration for Refugees

Hailey Daspit The Foster Care System

Sophia Delgado Living in Foster Care and Honors Art Project

Diego Fernandez The History of Foster Care and What It Has Become

Gabriel Gomez The Fight for Voting Rights

Naomi Rees Be the Bridge to Racial Justice

Olivia Reeser Lack of Justice

Eden Riffee “The Corruption of Poverty”

Henry Smith Standing for Justice in Austin

Frederic Christiano Why Is Animal Injustice So Important

Ella Lovins Act Your Age and Vengeful Justice

Zoe Segrest Equal Rights for the LGBTQ Community and honors art project

Cinco Fernandez The Foster Care System and Its Pros and Cons

Yassiel Northcutt The Homeless Community

Spanish 2


Spanish 2 students build on the knowledge and basic concepts they learned in Spanish 1 by targeting the past verb tenses. They learn to speak about both historic events and persons as well as describing personal experience.  This Spring Waterloo Spanish 2 students  did research on an important historical figure from Spanish-speaking culture. Students’ video projects will present some imprtant aspects of what they learned.  ¡Qué disfruten mirarlos!

Ethan Simpson Hernan Cortez 

Elise Ponder Miguel de Cervantes 

Kade Barber Fidel Castro

Margaret Dwelle Pablo Picasso

Spanish 3

Welcome to Waterloo’s Test Kitchen – a project designed to not only understand and practice the methodology of science, but to also use our knowledge of chemistry to make some wonderful food.  Our class has thoroughly


Waterloo Spanish 3 students reached out to people all over Latin America to learn how they are staying positive during the Covid-19 crisis.  Students’ video projects will present some highlights from the series of interviews they conducted as they developed new friendships, connected with distant family, and practiced networking in several Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish 3 students sought to highlight the positve aspects of coping with the Covid-19 situation. ¡Ojalá que las sigamos todos su ejemplo! 

Olivia Reeser International Virus 

Sofia Gonzalez ABN all over the world “seeking the light in dark times”

Rhetoric and Writing

In addition to reviewing key grammar and vocabulary and reading Spanish plays and short stories, Elise Ponder and


In the Rhetoric and Writing course, juniors practiced using the craft of writing to connect with different audiences in real life situations, including their college application essays. For their final projects, they embraced our current moment by researching and arguing for the importance of some kind of meaningful endeavor, something that builds resilience and connection, during quarantine. From thoughtful meditations on the importance of art and music to rousing calls for environmental action and awareness, their projects reflect the range of their passions and their individual voices. In this class we have been asking the driving question: what can I create to educate, engage, and connect people while we’re all at home?

Christlyn Bailey Tunes

Caroline Carter 6 things you can do from home to help your community

Andrea Mosher Reset Mindset

Reilly Noell Is the Risk Worth Taking?

James Christiano What You Should Know When Buying a First Car

Ella Foulkrod The Voices of Corona

Mirabelle Moore Quarantine Bookshelf

Trinity Collister The Meaning of Art

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